Craft Your Musical Masterpiece with a DIY 8 String Guitar Kit

DIY 8 String Guitar Kit

The okoume wood body of this guitar offers durability and a smooth touch, inviting music lovers to sculpt their artistic imaginations into memorable performances. Its maple neck and composite ebony fretboard also allow for accurate playability.

It also boasts an offset double cutaway design, enhancing upper-fret access and playability. This is a great choice for riff-masters who want to take their guitar playing to the next level.

Easy to Assemble

A diy 8 string guitar kit is an easy way to create your dream instrument. Typically, the guitar body is pre-routed and fretted, and the neck comes fully dressed with all hardware components. The kit also includes a set of tools and supplies to help you assemble your guitar, including wrenches, pliers for manipulating wires, wire cutters, and more. A workbench is a good idea to keep your tools and parts organized and protected from damage as you work.

Assemble the body and neck based on the kit instructions, using screwdrivers to securely fasten each component. Some kits may require soldering for electrical connections, so make sure you have a suitable soldering iron and enough workspace to do the job safely. Once all the components are in place, install your pickups and electronics, following the provided wiring diagrams and instructions. Finally, adjust the truss rod and nut to achieve proper playability. This may involve making adjustments to the neck’s curvature, or adjusting the nut slots for comfortable string height and intonation.

Stylish Design

While 8 string guitars are often associated with metal players thanks to their chugging potential, they’re becoming increasingly popular with other genres of music as well. This Leo Jaymz Explorer-style DIY guitar kit is a great choice for anyone looking to get their hands on one of these unique instruments.

This kit comes with a high-quality mahogany body, which gives the instrument a rich sound as each note resounds. It also features a rosewood fretboard, which makes it easy to play and provides good sustain.

The Leo Jaymz Explorer-style kit comes with a set of Fishman Fluence humbucking pickups, which give the guitar a wide range of tones. It’s possible to get a more single-coil like tone by using the push/pull knob, which is great for bringing out the bassy characteristics of the instrument. The guitar also has a thin U neck with a 26.5″ baritone scale, which is comfortable and easy to play.

Sound Quality

A DIY guitar kit offers a unique opportunity to customize and craft a musical instrument that reflects one’s personal style. It also provides hands-on learning and a sense of accomplishment that can be difficult to find elsewhere. However, it’s important to note that these kits require time and a certain level of technical knowledge.

The Leo Jaymz DIY Electric Guitar Kit in IBZ Style features high-quality components and materials, which ensure durability and a rich sound resonance. Its Okoume wood body and maple neck provide excellent sound resonance, while the ebony fingerboard delivers smooth playability. Additionally, the double humbucker pickups and advanced Tune-O-Matic bridge offer versatile sounds and improved tuning stability.

The instructions that came with this DIY guitar kit were easy to follow and included a wide range of helpful video resources. They were also very clear, and the kit comes with a set of specialized tools that help prevent stripping screw heads or over-tightening screws.


This guitar kit comes with a versatile design that allows you to personalize your instrument. You can paint it, reshape the headstock, and more. This versatility makes it a great option for beginners who are new to guitar building and want to create something that suits their style.

It features a high-quality mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard, offering a rich sound and a smooth playing experience. It also has a dual humbucker pickup system and a Tune-O-Matic bridge, which ensures a quality build and durability.

It is designed for individuals who enjoy the fun and fulfillment of assembling their own instruments. Its high-quality wood and premium materials provide excellent tone and durability. Its spruce top offers unique sound resonance, while its hardy black walnut fretboard boosts its overall strength and durability. The guitar is also available in a range of color finishes, making it the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of personalization.

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