Meaningful and Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With S

A girl’s birth is considered auspicious in Hinduism. So, it’s important to choose a beautiful and meaningful name for her. Here are some unique and modern Hindu baby girl names starting with S.

Saavi- This pretty name is both modern and traditional and means ‘Lakshmi’. Shipra- This unique name is inspired by a river and means ‘Innocence’.


In a Hindu family, it is believed that when a daughter is born, she brings wealth and prosperity to the house. To celebrate the auspicious occasion, many parents prefer to give their daughters names that reflect this sentiment. Here are some beautiful yet meaningful Hindu girl names that start with the letter S.

Shreela- This elegant-sounding name is sure to make your little girl feel special. It also has a strong meaning of ‘Beauty’.

Shipra- The name of the river that flows through Madhya Pradesh is quite popular among Indians. This unique and beautiful Hindu baby girl name also has the meaning of ‘Prosperity’.

Saavi- If you are looking for a name that is both modern and traditional, then this is the perfect choice. The meaning of this pretty Hindu girl name is ‘Innocence’. Another great alternative is Shaivi, which means ‘Wealth’.


Choosing a name for your little one is a special task that requires a lot of thought. A good way to start is by exploring unique Hindu baby girl names with meanings. These aren’t your ordinary names and can help you introduce your child to the world with a positive vibe.

Aarna is a beautiful Hindu name that’s associated with the goddess of wealth, fortune, beauty, and prosperity. This feminine and unique name will help your daughter embrace her rich heritage. Namesakes: Aarna Sharma, Indian actress known for Te3n (2016) and Meri Pyaari Bindu (2017).

Chanchal is a fun and unique Hindu baby girl name that can describe your daughter’s restless spirit. It is also a great way to honor her Hindu roots.


A popular Hindu name for girls, Hemangi means “snow,” or “glacier.” It’s a great choice for a girl who is sweet and pure. It also refers to one of the forms of Goddess Parvati.

Another good Indian baby name for girls, Ila is a sweet and short feminine name that means “wish.” This unique and meaningful name aptly sums up your wish to have a daughter. It also reflects the enthusiasm your child has in her life.

This is a classic Indian girl name that has a modern feel to it. It’s a beautiful and unique name that means “light” or “shine.” It’s a wonderful way to commemorate the light that your daughter has brought into your life. It also reflects the beauty and luminosity she has. It’s a perfect name for your precious little one.

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