Popular Muslim Girl Names: Reflecting Beliefs, Strength, and Beauty

Popular Muslim Names For Girls

Naming a baby is one of the most important tasks that new parents face. A beautiful name can reflect a child’s beliefs and aspirations.

Choosing a unique Muslim girl name is a great way to make your little princess feel special. Consider a name like Nimrah, which means ‘pure.’ Or Nura, which means ‘full of light.’


The naming ceremony for your baby girl is an important event in Muslim culture. You should choose a name that has meaning and honors the Quran and Muhammad. Popular choices for girls include Arabic names that convey generosity, faithfulness, strength, nature, and truthfulness. Other good choices are names that reflect the beauty of nature or Islam’s pillars.

For example, the name Aisha means ‘living prosperously’ and was the youngest wife of Prophet Mohammed. Another beautiful choice is Aafiyah, which means ‘pure and chaste.’ Other lovely Muslim names for girls include Afrah, which means ‘color of the earth,’ and Barika, which means ‘blossom.’

If you prefer a modern Muslim baby name, consider Manar, which means ‘guiding light.’ This lovely name would be perfect for a daughter who is sure to lead the way. You could also try Dimah, which is an elegant, modern name for a daughter who loves nature. This unique name can be spelled as Dunya or Daania.


A beautiful name with Arabic origins, Babur is a strong-sounding female Muslim name. It symbolizes strength and a desire to achieve success. It can also be shortened to Bafeez, which represents the qualities of self-control and discipline.

Other names with similar meanings include Abdurahman and Fazliya. Both have Arabic origins and are a good choice for a girl who is devoted to Allah. Aalim is another beautiful name that has Arabic roots and represents the desire for knowledge and wisdom. It can also be spelled as Aasim.

There are many other unique names for a baby girl, such as Halima, Hameeda, and Heena. Halima means ‘gentle,”mild-mannered,’ or ‘generous’ and is a great option for girls who are kind and generous. Heena is a feminine form of Hena and means ‘henna’, which is an intrinsic part of Muslim culture worldwide. This is a great choice for parents who want to honor their daughter’s heritage. It has an Arabic and Quranic origin and symbolizes faith.


Purna is a female name, and this baby girl names has the numerology 4. People with this number are usually very determined and they don’t let anything stop them. They are also very creative and love to try new things. This name will surely give your child a lot of courage and strength.

There are many Muslim baby girls’ names that are meaningful and adorable. For example, the Arabic name Latifa means ‘gentle or pleasant,’ which would be perfect for your little one. Another great option is Lutfiyah, which means ‘delicate or tenderness.’ You can also choose a more masculine name like Mahala, which means ‘powerful.’

If you want a more traditional name, you can go for Malika, which means ‘king or ruler.’ You can also opt for the Arabic name Khudrah, which means ‘greenery.’ This would be a great choice for your daughter who loves nature. Another option is Salena, which means’moon.’ This is a great name for your little princess!


Whether your daughter is a true princess or an adventurer, we have the perfect Muslim name for her. Aisha means ‘fearless and strong,’ which is exactly what your little one will be. Manar is another stylish and modern choice, meaning ‘guiding light.’ It would suit a girl who brightens up your life with her contagious smile. Saida means ‘the fortunate one,’ and is the perfect name for a traveler. Similarly, Salena means’moon,’ which could be a beautiful name for a girl who loves the outdoors.

Kulthum, a melodic name that means’smiling face,’ is also the name of a Sahabiyat who memorized the Quran. Another great option is Umm Hakim, a Sahabi who was the wife of Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl and accompanied her husband to battle. She was a brave woman and will inspire your daughter to be courageous too.

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