The Cost of Getting a Passport

How Much Does a Passport Cost?

With travel and tourism on the rise, a valid passport is more important than ever. But how much does one cost?

As of Monday, the State Department will increase the passport fee by $20. Other costs can include photo fees, transportation and lodging if you must visit a regional agency in person.

Cost of Passport Book

The cost of a passport book can vary depending on a number of factors. These include the type of service you choose, the size of your passport book, and the turnaround time you desire. For example, the cost of expedited service will be higher than standard service.

Additionally, the cost of a passport book will vary if you need to make a passport change. If you need to correct a mistake in your existing passport, the fee will be less than getting an entirely new one.

For adults applying for a first-time passport, the application fee is $130 and the execution fee is $35. Applicants may also opt to receive a passport card instead of the book for an additional $30, or both for $160. The card is valid for international travel by land or sea but not by air. The passport book is the traditional dark blue booklet that contains the official government-issued proof of citizenship.

Cost of Passport Card

Whether you need to get a passport book or card, the cost can vary significantly depending on your age and type of travel. For example, adults who are applying for their first passport will pay an application fee and an execution fee. The total cost for an adult passport book is $130, while the cost of a passport card is $30.

If you are traveling by land or sea, a passport card may be more suitable for your needs. However, it is important to note that a passport card cannot be used for international air travel.

The State Department recently increased the price of passport books by $20 per a late-December announcement. The increase is meant to cover security-related costs. A passport book can be a great investment for international travelers, but the passport card offers greater flexibility and convenience.

Cost of Passport Renewal

Getting a passport is expensive. There are many fees involved, including the application fee, execution fee, and photo fee. Additionally, there are other expenses that can add up, such as the cost of a secure envelope and shipping. Depending on your situation, there may also be additional travel expenses such as transportation costs, meals, and lodging.

The cost of a passport increased on Monday, and the State Department warned travelers to plan ahead. The standard fee for an adult passport book and card is now $165, consisting of the application fee and the execution fee.

The routine processing time is eight to 11 weeks, while expedited service costs an additional $60 and reduces the wait to five to seven weeks. Passport application fees can be paid by money order or certified check to an acceptance facility or the US Department of State. The $35 execution fee must be paid separately. This fee cannot be paid by credit card.

Cost of Passport Expedited Service

Depending on the type of passport you need, you will need to pay government fees. These are the fees charged by the Department of State for processing your application. Applicants who need their passports faster than the 12-16 week routine processing time can pay extra to expedite their applications.

This fee is paid directly to the Department of State and must be submitted along with your other forms and documents. Applicants can request this service by contacting their local facility or regional passport agency. It is important to note that the cost of this service can vary, so you should check with each facility to find out how much it costs to expedite your passport.

Expedite passport processing costs are higher than those for routine processing, but they may be worth it if you need your passport sooner than the regular turn around times. Using a private passport expediting company can also save you money in the long run, as they can reduce your travel expenses and time spent waiting for your passport.